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November/December 2018 27 birth should remind us to acknowledge our own Divine birth. Then we should choose to ask ourselves where, how, and if we are living up to the title. Wherever we are living up to it, we should give thanks. Wherever we are falling short, we should consider our actions and how we might make the necessary adjustments to then live as though we are truly the living Christ on earth. To learn to see and accept ourselves as the Christ need not mean we should expect ourselves to live exactly as Jesus lived. But we certainly should follow his example of love, forgiveness, and immunity to life’s challenges—which are really just tests. As we grow in our understanding and practice of love and forgiveness, we are developing and awakening our inner Christ Self. The most important thing for us to know is that as we truly practice forgiveness with others, we are simultaneously awakening the Christ in them. As we awaken the Christ in them, we begin to see the Christ in ourselves—to a whole new level. Although the latter part of the first coming of Christ was manifested in the person Jesus 2000 years ago, the second coming of Christ will be manifested in the eyes and heart of each person we learn to see as holy, without judgment. Most people on earth think they actually understand and practice forgiveness but most are not even close, which means they are still far from experiencing the “Second Coming of Christ,” which takes place within. Our job, therefore, is to do our best to practice love and forgiveness in its highest form, as well as to be a good example of love and forgiveness to others. In so doing, we are truly fulfilling our part in God’s Plan for the awakening of the entire Christ, after which we return Home—to Heaven. Amen! f Excerpt from https://www.michaelmirdad . com/the-birth-of-the-inner-christ/ Michael Mirdad is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, healer, and best-selling author of The Book of Love & Forgiveness and You’re Not Going Crazy...You’re Just Waking Up! For thirty-five years, Michael has transformed the lives of thousands of students and clients and is noted as a “teacher’s teacher” and a “healer’s healer.”