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January/February 2019 23 CONSCIOUS T E C H N O L O G Y & S C I E N C E Sondra Barrett Exploring Our Cells I n the beginning, molecules merged to create the container of life we call the cell. Every one of us started out as one cell, the fertilized egg, a partnership of the smallest and largest of human cells, sperm and egg. Trillions of cells joined together with the intelligence and divine wisdom to create each one of us. Cells communicate, collaborate, and cooperate doing the necessary actions that keep us alive. They broadcast their needs to the rest of the community for more energy— more cells to close a wound or to protect from a dangerous invader. They recognize and repair most damage and are able to switch off genes they don’t need. Cells engage in more than a million activities every minute to keep us alive. When we explore our cells, we discover that their architecture and activities hold principles and wisdom teachings for life. Our partnership with them is to listen to what’s needed and nurture this amazing cellular sanctuary. They are listening to us. It wasn’t until I “heard” my cells talking to me, a rare occurrence indeed, that I wondered who or what was talking. I concluded that since it was sending me such surprising wisdom, not coming from my intellect or intuition, I was hearing the voice of my soul. Is the source of our profound insights, the nurturing positive voice we sometimes hear, coming from the sanctuary of our cells “speaking” our soul’s wishes? Renowned teachers Ram Dass and Eckert Tolle have told us to “Be here now.” This is written in the architecture of our cellular universe. That is how our cells live, in the Now. They do not time travel to the past or future unless our mind takes them there. They act on what we are broadcasting to them, by changing their molecular output, tension, and energy. It is our thoughts and emotions that take them out of the present moment. When we tune in, we discover that our cells are powerful teachers whose actions we can mirror to embrace life. Embedded in the stuff of us, our cells and molecules, are the laws of nature and principles of design. Let’s look at the mystical mysteries hidden in our molecules. Upon photographing, through the microscope, twelve mineral salts said to be associated with the Zodiac, I was astounded to uncover occult metaphysical wisdom. All the minerals associated with air signs were square, linear shapes; earth signs were round; fire sign minerals were hexagons; and water signs were curvy. The microscopic shapes of the minerals actually corresponded to metaphysical wisdom of astrology and Carl Jung’s symbols. In astrology, air and fire signs are considered masculine and the micro minerals revealed angular, male symbols, whereas the rounded curvy forms were revealed by the feminine signs, earth and water. Diving into the mystical teachings of our cells and molecules, the biggest AHA was yet to come. We are a holy trinity, trio, and triad. The architecture of our biology, many cultural theologies, and social icons are built on the Principles of Three. This tells us that we do not have creation or completion until there are three factors as illuminated below. • The genetic code in DNA is three letters, which consists of three of the possible four nucleotide bases that make up DNA. Each of these three bases is called a codon. • During embryonic development we are three layers—the ectoderm, endoderm, and mesoderm. It is said that these three embryonic layers appear at three weeks of gestation. • We have a triune brain: the brain stem (reptilian brain, survival), the limbic system (mammalian emotional brain), and the neocortex (the thinking brain). In spiritual philosophies, the Christian religion has the holy Trinity, the Hindu tradition has the Trimurti, and Buddhism has the three Jewels or Treasures. The Taoists have the three kingdoms. Cells have millions of years’ of life experience and knowledge. Over that time they have learned how to survive and thrive. They are present in each moment, aware of what’s going on within and around them. They listen and act within quantum moments to recognize, repair, and replenish through the collaboration and connection with their community of cells. Exploring their lessons, we, too, can heal and thrive. We are never alone. We have trillions of allies supporting our soul and self to live the best life. h Sondra Barrett, PhD,  is a biomedical scientist, author, and award-win- ning photographer whose curiosity guided her to investigate inner space, first as a cancer research scientist on the faculty of the University of California (UCSF) then exploring and photographing molecules of life and wine, to teaching about the healing wisdom within our cells.Visit her website: