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2 FALL 2019 w w w.durhamar t | 919-560 -2787 LET TER FROM DIRECTOR The Benefits of the Arts are Exponential! The arts have long been a passion of mine and I’ve devoted nearly 20 years to bringing the benefits of the arts to our Durham community and surrounding areas, and amproud of my personal involvement with the arts for over 40 years. Besides the positive feeling I experience when I write music, sing and perform; beyond the creative expression and feelings of freedom I feel through visual art and dance; I know that the benefits of the arts are exponential and vital to all people in our society. Did you know that the arts make you HEALTHIER? TheNational Endowment for the Arts recently released research fromtheUniversity ofMichigan, which notes that: “Older adults who both created art and attended arts events reported higher cognitive functioning and lower rates of both hypertension and limitations to their physical functioning than did adults who neither created nor attended art.” Our focus at DAC is to ensure that we create lifelong arts learning and experiences for all. In 2018 we shared the arts with 429,000 people! Did you know that children and teens exposed to arts education do BETTER in school? A longitudinal study by Shirley Brice Heath of Stanford University found that young people who participated in non-school arts-based community programs in under-resourced communities, in comparison with a national sample of students, were: • Four times more likely to win an academic award, such as being on the honor roll. • Eight times more likely to receive a community service award. • Three times more likely to win a school attendance award. • Four times more likely to participate in a math or science fair. • Likely to score higher on their SAT college admission test scores if they have been involved for more than four years of after-school arts study. In effort to bring the benefits of the arts to ALL our community members, in 2018 we provided nearly $20,000 in scholarships for those attending summer camps and classes, and provided many free programs and free gallery exhibitions at the DAC Building throughout the year. In addition, our Creative Arts in Public and Private Schools (CAPS) program served over 29,000 children at 91 schools with a primary focus on those schools designated as Title 1, low-income. Durham Arts Council offers over 700 arts classes and camps each year in addition to our robust art exhibits, school programs, festival events, and artists’ programs! I hope you will participate and I hope I will have the opportunity to meet you! Thank you for being a part of the Durham Arts Council and experiencing the benefits of the arts. Sincerely, Sherry L. DeVries Executive Director Sherry L. DeVries DAC Executive Director