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www.durhamar | 919-560-2726 WINTER / SPRING 2018 3 INDIVIDUAL MUSIC LESSONS 28-31 Music Instructor Bios 29 Calendar/Policies 30 Program Information/Pricing 30 Individual Music Registration Form 31 Fall Art School Registration Form 32 Faculty Biographies 33-35 DAC Artist Services Exhibition Schedule 36-37 DAC Artist Services & Grants Programs 38-39 You can now support Durham Arts Council when purchasing your groceries and using your Kroger Plus Card ! It’s free , and Durham Arts Council, non-profit #81278, receives a donation from Kroger based on a percentage of all your purchases, with the exception of alcohol, stamps and lottery. From Durham Arts Council Parents: Excerpt from parent letter. Shortly after moving here 10 years ago, we enrolled our three older boys in the DAC summer camp. Our oldest child has autism and his participation in summer camp lead to a lasting interest in the arts, including performances as part of Art Ventures through Durham Parks and Recreation and becoming a member of the Drama Club in high school. Now that son is a college freshman at UNC-Greensboro [ . . . ]. Not surprisingly, he has chosen theatre and photography as his concentration; which we attribute to the foundation provided to him in early childhood while attending the DAC. Our 15 year-old, Micka’il is a fiber artist and jewelry designer. He was influenced by many of the professional artists who were his instructors at DAC during the summer [and . . .] nurtured his creativity and helped him to perfect his craft. In fact, this year he was one of the 148 juried visual artists accepted into CenterFest 2017; and to our knowledge, he was the youngest artist at CenterFest. He acknowledged that his time at DAC over the years had come full circle when he made it into CenterFest! Subsequently, he is inspired to reach back and help other budding young artists who enroll in summer courses at the Durham Arts Council. To quote our youngest son, Idris, now 7 years old and a DAC student for the past two years, “Durham Arts Council is my favorite school. I want to go there forever!” His enjoyment and enthusiasm about the arts generally, and Durham Arts Council specifically, are simply joyous. We fully support the Durham Arts council and hope that it’s wonderful, accessible, and engaging programs continue well into the future. The Durham Arts Council is a fantastic resource for the community and its families. Sincerely, Drs. Dwayne Brandon and Baiyina Muhammad Parents of the Brandon boys TABLE OF CONTENTS Arlene Hyman Visual Arts Scholarship Fund Arlene Hyman, always a lover of the arts, was a member of the Pastel Societies of New Jersey and North Carolina. Her work had been juried into numerous exhibitions. After relocating to Chapel Hill in 2011, Arlene continued her studies at the Durham Arts Council and elsewhere in the region. The Arlene Hyman Visual Arts Scholarship Fund, established in 2014 following her passing, is intended to help others - whether children or adults - discover or advance their love of the visual arts. For more information on this and other scholarship opportunities call 919-560-2726. Sign up now at ADULT/TEEN AND YOUTH CLASSES ADULT CLASSES (Ages 16 & up unless otherwise noted) 4-17 Ceramics 4-5 Painting and Drawing 6-9 Calligraphy 9 Jewelry 10-11 Encaustic 11 Fiber 12-13 Literary 13 Photography 13-14 Digital Arts/Graphic Design 14-15 Video 15 Group Music 15-16 Mindfulness and Stress Reduction 16 Improv 17 TEEN SERIES 17 (Ages 13-17 unless otherwise noted) YOUTH CLASSES Visual 18-19 Birthday Parties 19 Dance (Triangle Youth Ballet) 20 CAMPS WINTER/SPRING INTERSESSION CAMPS 21 SUMMER CAMPS 22-24 CAMP REGISTRATION FORM 25-27