Atlanta - Conscious Life Journal

10 w w w. m y c o n s c i o u s l i f e j o u r n a l . c o m I n September of 2012 I experienced my conscious awakening with the ability to leave my body and travel into multiple dimensions. The spontaneous separations I have sustained over the years are a form of out-of-body travel that many associate with near death experiences. My lifting off point, however, came from a profound sadness that I had carried within me since childhood—a deep emptiness, a crevasse void. My conscious awakening did not present as a fatal cancer diagnosis or a perceived accident, but rather from a profound hollowness resonating from the recesses of my soul. On that transformative evening in 2012 I came to a crossroads in life where I wanted to no longer exist. I honestly feared that I wasn’t going to make it. At that time I had a two-year-old son I didn’t want to abandon as my own mother had abandoned me. You see, my soulful void was a result of a life devoid of motherly love. I felt disconnected from life and struggled to find any semblance of happiness or fulfillment here on Earth. Though I felt ready to go, my toddler son served as a tether, obligating me to complete my soul’s contract in our shared third dimensional world. It was imperative that I “wake up” to consciousness in order to go on living. It was indeed a matter of life or death that I know why I am here and what is my purpose. If my experience is any indication, multidimensional travel is a dormant ability each of us possesses. It is the ability to separate from the physical body while the soul journeys. This ability is encoded in our DNA framework, but it lies inactive because we have forgotten who we are. On Earth today we are awake to our contrived realities but remain asleep to our higher selves. Multidimensional travel is a gateway into heightened awareness and expanded consciousness. This latent ability of soul travel, however, must be awakened to be experienced. Past generations foretold life-long study and dedicated meditation to access this sacred aspect of beingness. Today, with the accelerated awakening of planet Earth, we can access this passageway into the beyond through the process of introspection. In this way, the metaphysical properties of our higher selves can be realized. The portal by which the soul travels is accessed through our conscious dream state. To begin awakening this forgotten aspect of your beingness, you must journey inward toward discovery of your higher self. The introspective process begins with accepting that you are infinitely more than your physical body and that reality is a concept far beyond our physical world. The inner journey will reveal Multidimensional Travel: A Gateway into by Susan Nicholas, MD