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Company Name: Family Matters Law Group, P.C. Website: Years in Business/Profession: 8 years What is your law specialty? Family Law Why is making your “mark” so important to you? My “mark” is only valuable or important to me where I know that my efforts have helped Fathers attain equal access to their children, ensured the fair distribution of marital assets, and my efforts have caused my clients to walk away from their legal issues with a sense of comfort and peace. I love to help people by showing them ... that although it may appear that their family unit is splitting, that same split will lead to a new normal, a new sense of together, and most importantly, a new level of happiness. Why should people call Family Matters Law Group today? We fight for people whose children, assets and money are under attack. What/who inspired you to become a passionate advocate for fathers? Experiencing, in practice, the unfair disparity in the award of custody or equal parenting time to Fathers who by all accounts are just as capable as their counterparts to adequately and effectively care for their children. 7183 Jonesboro Road, Suite 200B Morrow GA 30260 fmlgadmin@ What do your clients say about you? Many of my clients say that “Mrs. Aaron is a shark, a beast, is knowledgeable and understanding.” To know more about what clients say about me, feel free to visit the testimonials page of my website at testimonials/, Family Matters Law Group, Google Business Reviews Page or Why did you become an attorney? I have always loved the art of meaningful debate. Recognition/Awards: I have been recognized as a “Client’s Choice Attorney” for several years in a row. What advice would you give to other women who want to make their mark in metro Atlanta? Be relentless in the pursuit of your passion. Remember that in order to truly make your mark, you have to be willing to live like others won’t, so that you can later live like others can’t. . Attorney Edidiong AARON Founder & Attorney at Law 678-798-8874 making Her mark i n m e t r o A t l a n t a Call to talk to your Family Law Attorney today! 22 PYNTK