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26 Charlotte Edition Sustain Charlotte Sustain Charlotte is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and our mission is to inspire choices that lead to a healthy, equitable, and vibrant community for generations to come. We promote smart growth by collaborating with local neighborhoods, government agencies, nonprofits, and businesses to solve challenges to the long-term social, economic, and environmental health of our community. Our vision is a region in which everyone has the knowledge, resources and opportunity to make choices with a clear awareness of their combined social, economic and environmental impacts. Be- come a member today. Location: 2151 Hawkins St., Ste 200, Charlotte. For more information, email or visit Dillsboro Inn’s Conservation Tourism If you are open to or desiring a deeper connection with Mother Earth, the Dills- boro Inn is committed to helping further your relationship with the environment. Offering gentle yoga with the intent to calm the mind and connect with body and environment, 3-day/2-night retreats around the new and full moons, initiation into Mayan, Hopi, Huna and Cherokee codes, exploring ancestral wisdom and quantum essence-spirit concepts. Join us in the NC mountains on a whitewater river to develop or refine your intuition, quiet your soul and refresh your spirit. Location: 146 N. River Rd., Dillsboro, N.C.. For more information, call 828-586-3898 or visit Organic Marketplace Over the last 26 years, Organic Marketplace has sought to be at the forefront of business practices that lessen our collective carbon footprint. Raised beds in the rear of the store are for fresh “slow” food for Sprouts cafe as well as to beautify the environ- ment. Our landscape has always been chemical-free and is bee/butterfly friendly with pollinator plants. Packaging waste is addressed with our bulk foods, herbs, and culinary spices department. Plastic bags were discontinued five years ago to combat plastic pollution in our Oceans. Location: 1012 S. New Hope Rd., Gastonia. For more information, call 704-864-0605 or visit Berrybrook Natural Foods Have you seen the red wagon at the corner of East and Kenilworth in Dilworth? These wagons carried hemp products ‘til 1937 when hemp threatened the oil industry and sparked hemp’s demise, but the health food world continued to love hemp. Hemp biofuel is 86% greener than gas, uses 50% less water than cot- ton production, and it regenerates soil! CBD Oil from hemp also balances the endocan- nabinoid system of people and pets. Try Berry- brook’s organically grown CBD Oils for your- self, and God’s green Earth. Location: 1257 East Blvd., Charlotte. For more information, call 704-334-6528 or visit green profiles Conscientious businesses providing products/services to help reduce your carbon footprint. Organic Harvest Community Grocery & Cafe We offer 250+ options in our bulk depart- ment allowing you to bring your own jars and buy just what you need to reduce waste. Options range from grains, nuts, butters, herbs, spices, candy and even bar soaps and bath salts! Fill your own growlers with on tap kombucha from Sum Bucha and Updog. We also compost our perishables with Crowntown Compost. Our cups at our juicebar are all recycled Greenwise products and our plate ware is also compostable. Location: 1330 Central Ave., Charlotte. For more information, call 980-299-5470 or visit