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September 2019 • Welcome Home 47 “After recently meeting with Dr. Maika for a three-hour interview, where he discussed his vision and goals for the District, we feel that Dr. Maika understands the District’s tradition of excellence very well and is the best person to continue and improve upon that tradition,” the press release stated. Also in the press release, Dr. Gottardy voiced his support for his successor. “As a member of my Executive Staff, I know firsthand how dedicated and how much of an asset Sean is,” said Gottardy. “He is passionate about his work and he is equally as passionate about the students in this District. I know he is up to the task and will be a strong leader for NEISD.” Dr. Maika has been married to his wife for 25 years. He met his wife when he was only 15 years old. He was living in Canada and she in Texas. Maika is also a father of two and enjoys camping, fishing and home remodeling. Maika’s interim contract runs through December, with the possibility of being hired permanently before then. Roan Forest Elementary School’s musical stars invited Dr. Sean Maika and Board of Trustees President Shannon Grona to dance and play the ukulele. Dr. Sean Maika’s • Was born and raised in Canada • Has worked in public education for 24 years • His “interim” title will expire in December when NEISD trustees will decide on his permanency • Has spent 11 years working for NEISD • His two children attend NEISD schools • Has 3 main goals for the district: – hiring and retaining the best employees – the mental health of NEISD employees and students – helping people discover the great things the district has to offer Each day I meet and interact with our greatest asset, our people. They make me proud of what we do in the North East ISD! I believe we have the greatest educators.” – Dr. Sean Maika North East ISD InterimSuperintendent “