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10 WINTER / SPRING 2020 w w w.durhamar t | 919-560 -2787 Beginning through Advanced Watercolor and the Figure (Ages 16 & up) This course concentrates on rendering the figure with watercolor, pen and ink. It is an all levels course presuming no previous watercolor experience but it is recommended that the student have had some life drawing courses previously. It can be repeated for more in depth study. We will develop color studies, and various techniques for rendering. Watercolor and ink have a long and varied tradition in drawing the figure, from the Renaissance with pen and wash to the expressionists and photo realists of our modern and contemporary time. The process asks one to slow down, to plan ahead and think in terms of painterly form but can also be applied quickly with expression. Less a life drawing and anatomy class and more a painterly exploration of the figure, we’ll use some traditional techniques such as gesture and contour for under drawing. Building from the ground up with methods particular to watercolor including wet on wet and dry brush, we’ll concentrate on exercises to enhance technique and provide a base for using this medium well beyond the course. We’ll do advanced studies in color mixing and simultaneous contrast as well as a variety of rendering techniques from the painterly to pictorial. Please check the DAC website for supply list. Students under 18 must provide a signed permission letter from a parent or guardian. Mark Iwinski, Instructor 20SP104.1 Thursdays, 6:15 PM – 9:15 PM March 26 – May 14 (8 weeks) $256 or two payments of $128 Small Papercuts by Reni Gower Guest Artist Workshop Papercuts/Motif Design (Ages 16 & up) Participants will design motifs inspired by Celtic knotwork or Islamic tile patterns, which will be used to create unique papercuts or grid patterns. Tessellation, mirror imaging, tiling, will be investigated. Gower will introduce the workshop with a brief history of papercutting across cultures. A $6 materials fee is due to the instructor at workshop. Please check the DAC website for additional supply list. There will be a 30 minute lunch break. Reni Gower, Instructor 20W155.1 Saturday, 9:30 AM– 4:00 PM January 4 (1 day) $60 Intermediate and Advanced Life Drawing (Ages 16 & up) This is an intermediate and advanced life drawing course designed for those who already have had a life drawing course previously or other extensive drawing experience. It can be repeated for more in depth study. The class assumes prior experience and understanding of gesture and contour drawing, extended gesture, tonal modeling, and proportion. After reviewing briefly we’ll build on these techniques to develop a range of visual and rendering skills including anatomical studies, detailed form studies, and enhanced compositional strategies. All while exploring your own personal and expressive visual language. Techniques will focus primarily on using charcoal, Conté crayons, and ink while opening up the end of the course to other water based and drawing media. Weekly critiques will mark your progression as we discuss ways the figure carries meaning through expression, technique, or scale. We’ll look at historical and contemporary works for both understanding and inspiration. Leonardo da Vince said `The supreme misfortune is when theory outstrips performance’ so all of these elements will build progressively with the development of your rendering skills as the primary focus. Please check the DAC website for supply list. Students under 18 must provide a signed permission letter from a parent or guardian. Mark Iwinski, Instructor 20W103.1 Thursdays, 6:15 PM – 9:15 PM January 16 – March 5 (8 weeks) $256 or two payments of $128 DAC WINTER / SPRING CLASSES $950 Cash by Kate Lagaly